Development & Permits

Developing a new project is always a challenging proccess. We undertake the responsibility to guide the client through all phases of a project, from inception to construction & operation. Our experience and wide range of expertise allow us to ensure not only compliance with the statutory requirements, but to bring added value to the whole development process.

We help businesses and individuals to obtain the required permits. Our commercial sector provides a range of services for business licensing (restaurants, medical centres, processing industries, etc.), building permits and environmental permits. Our residential sector undertakes building permits & the required certificates and legalisation for existing properties to support clients in notarial deeds (inheritance, selling-acquisition, etc.).

Project Development                          

We guide clients through all phases of a project, from inception to construction and operation.

Builiding & Urban Planning Permitts

We undertake the process of all commercial and residential building permits. 

Legalisation of planning breach under Law 4495/2017

Legalisation of existing properties and the required engineering certificates to ensure compliance with legislation and enable notarial deeds (inheritance, selling-acquisition, etc.).

Business Licencing

Licensing of various sectors (hospitality, health, retail, industrial) with associated permits.

Environmental Permitting

Standard Environmental Conditions or Environmental Impact Assessments depending on the activities categorisation under Law 4014/2011 and subsequent amendments.

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